About us ..

We, “NEWPOWER” a specialized company engaged in selling the advanced lighting products, tools, fittings, switches and their accessories. Furthermore, we set out to establish NAWARA AL-KASSER FOR ELECTRICITY CO. LTD., the owner of "NEWPOWER" brand in 2007, to be a leading name in the field of lighting and electrical appliances. The company had started its activity by importing various types of lamps and electrical accessories, in addition to the internal & external lighting devices, and then our Co. expanded to provide its customers a full range of advanced LED lighting devices, as well as electrical switches & plugs, and various models thereof, in addition to mosquito killer traps, electrical fittings and ventilation fans. In this regard, we guarantee our customers to provide the distinctive quality of all the products we import, as we seek to satisfy our customers and gain their trust. 

new power


To be a leading company in the wholesale of modern lighting products/LED technology/switches, fittings and accessories, and furthermore we're look forward to being the name that is "mentioned when needed" for any of the safe and environmentally friendly electrical products and keeps up with the constant updates requested by the relevant authorities, so we provide the best quality possible at reasonable competitive prices to satisfy our customers and meets their needs. Hence, we're strive with determination & persistence to reach this vision.


 Our mission is to spread the concept of "True Quality" for all electrical products in the Kingdom, to provide a role model for high quality and prompt service, and therefore to guarantee the quality of our products by granting our customers a guarantee for manufacturing defects whose main slogan is "Customer Satisfaction", so that we can create long-term relationships with our customers.


To provide modern solutions to gain the confidence of our customers and dealers in all area within the Kingdom, and the endeavor for further expand to provide our products to more customers as much as possible.


  • * We've obtained quality certificates for our products.
  • * We provide "After-Sales Service" and accordingly serving our customers in maintenance and replacement activities within the terms and conditions of followed at the company.


The "NEWPOWER" Trademark is committed to a set of values, principles and ethics that we have learned in the Kingdom. Such values ​​and principles are considered as our way to success and to gain the trust of a large number of customers, and then we insist on full commitment to these values, which are as follows:

  • *Seeking for satisfaction of our customers with the products we offer them..
  • * Honesty and integrity in all transactions we're engaged together all clients
  • * Providing competitive, reasonable prices that suit everyone without giving up the quality and its natural limits


"NEWPOWER" is well aware of our responsibility towards society, and then we provide products that directly affect the community, whether private or government buildings or facilities, so we strive to provide a safe and good product at the same time and our endeavor to actively participate in achieving the 2030 vision launched by the Kingdom, so we are trying to be a hand Effectively contributing to this vision by providing safe quality products and excellent materials at the best prices that suit all our customers.


"NEWPOWER" always strive to provide the best quality and the perfect products, in order to provide customers with a real opportunity to obtain safe electrical products that meet their needs & requirements, so we're fully adhere to a strict quality policy for all items that we supply. In this regard, the "NEWPOWER" Brand has obtained the "Saudi Specification Certificates", the "Gulf Consumer Certificate" and the "Saudi Quality Mark", in order to ensure that we took care of the provided quality with the best price.